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Chief Noonday Carpark Clubhouse for events and stays

The Chief Noonday Car Park is the result of a dream of the owners, long time car collectors and automotive enthusiasts.  West Michigan has a vibrant automotive scene that needs more automotive storage and services that cater to that community.  The Car Park is located in an ideal spot, half way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo as well as close to the Gilmore Car Museum.  Located in West Michigan and surrounded by lakes and lots of winding back roads make it a great place to store your car and collection, as well as to join the community of other enthusiasts that share the same passion.  

Þ Club House Space and Club Room for Car Club Activities and Other Community Events

Þ 18-Acre Grounds with an Initial two 12,000 SqFt Garage Buildings

Þ Located in the Beautiful Gun Lake Area with lots of Antique Auto Friendly Roads to Accommodate Drives

Þ Situated within Easy Driving Distance to the Gilmore Car Museum

The Chief Noonday Car Park is a one of a kind facility that you need to experience for yourself.  Contact us today to find out more information and to secure your spot!

Built and Managed by the Car Enthusiasts FOR Car Enthusiasts!

Heated and climate controlled car and auto storage


Heated, clean, secure, convenient, and well lit storage for the single car to your own 4000 SqFt unit.  Collector car storage designed and managed by car collectors!

classic car service and restoration


All the services that a car enthusiast would need in one place, from a place to work on the car to other services such as appraisals, transportation, enclosed trailer rental, sales and consignments. 

Chief Noonday events, community, car tours, history


At the heart of the Chief Noonday Car Park is a vibrant community of enthusiasts that welcome the sorounding community to leverage the space, such as lectures in the club house to weekly car cruise ins and space available for your event.

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