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garage for working on cars and other services
1911 Popcorn wagon

You never know what new and exciting things you will find at the Car Park.....

Chief Noonday Car Park offers many associated services and events for the automotive enthusiast as well as the greater Gun Lake and West Michigan community.  Whether you want some help figuring out your, transporting it, or even selling it, the Car Park can help you.  Also, the grounds of the Car Park and the Club house can be the perfect place to host your event.  If you would like more information about any of the below listed services please inquire utilizing the contact submission form.  

Þ Mechanic’s Multi-Garage Area to Address Tune-up, Lubrication, Brakes, and Other Routine Maintenance

Þ Licensed Mechanic Available to Assist you on Maintenance and Repairs

Þ Wash, Buffing, and Detail Area to keep your Auto in Beautiful Condition
Þ Washing, Buffing and Detailing Packages

Þ In and Out Auto Retrieval Service

Þ Common Area to Sit, Relax, and enjoy the company of others

Þ Club House Space and Club Room for Car Club Activities and Other Community Events

Þ 18-Acre Grounds with an multiple 12,000 Sq Ft Garage Buildings

Þ Enclosed Trailer Transport, Storage, and Rental
Þ Auto Appraisals and Inspection Services
Þ Collector Car Sales and Consignments

Þ Located in the Beautiful Gun Lake Area with lots of Antique Auto Friendly Roads to Accommodate Drives

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